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Introducing our Newest Flavors

NESTLE Drumstick 8x14oz, THE Cookie Dough 8x14oz, ROLO 8x14oz, HOSTESS Twinkies 8x14oz LA FRUTTA Glto Mousse Straw 20x90ml & LA FRUTTA Glto Passion Fruit 30x75ml

Ice Cream at Nestlé means creating magical enjoyment you can feel good about. The pleasurable taste and sensation of ice cream – coupled with wholesome natural ingredients like milk, fruit and nuts - makes ice cream a perfect part of a balanced, enjoyable diet. Nestlé’s range of ice cream products is sure to delight with options for every preference – from all-natural to low /no sugar or lactose-free. Whether it’s a treat for you, a family gathering or special celebration, Nestlé Ice Creammakes it magic.

Available in the best assorted Supermarket or store near you. For more information or orders please call our office at +5999 868 2036.

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