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 Company Structure 

Company Structure


Sales Organization

Customers: Full, Island-wide coverage of all Segments:
Retail: Supermarkets, Mini-markets, Convenience Stores, Mom & Pops, Drugstores, Flower shops.
Foodservice: Hotels, Restaurants, Institutions, Snack Bars, Cafes, Bakeries, Cafeterias, etc.
Bonaire: Service locally and from Curacao.

Fully automated Sales and Data Processing System.  Tracking and Analyzing Transactions on All Levels.
Excellent Business Relationship with All Major Customers.
Excellent Merchandising Capabilities with full coverage of all brands and major customers.

Logistical Organization

Equipment & Facilities
Multi-temperature Warehousing Capabilities: 
Dry (+28C)
Air-Conditioned (+15C) 
Chilled (+5C) 
Frozen (-18C)
Deep Frozen (-25C)

Three Warehouse Locations:
Curacao (distribution center) – 4,500 m2 - 800 pallet spaces
Curacao (bulk storage) – 2,500 m2 - 500 pallet spaces
Bonaire – 600 m2 - 200 pallet spaces
Modern and well maintained fleet of eight refrigirated and non-refrgirated trucks
Brand new, well illuminated, heat-insulate facility
Fast and accurate picking with motorized pallet jacks and forklifts
Unloading refrigirated merchandise directly into temperature controlled area

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De Savaan #214 | Willemstad | Curacao|

Tel: 1+5999-868-2036| Fax:+5999-868-2519

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