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 Mission & Vision 

Mission & Vision


Mission Statement

Our goal is to be the premier food & beverage distributor in the markets we serve. Our commitment to excellence translates into providing our customers with superior quality products, competitive pricing, responsive service and product diversity.

  • We believe in conducting our business activities with integrity and respect to build mutually beneficial and enduring relationships with our customers.

  • We take customer satisfaction personally and are committed to providing the best service to the trade.

  • We focus our efforts on the food & beverages segments in the market and provide the highest quality products and value in these markets.




Pietersz strives to be brand building experts in the retail trade to lead the product categories in the stores. Brands are supported, build, and grown through aggressive execution in the marketplace:

  • Proper and complete distribution into the various market segments.

  • Aggressive in-store merchandising with proper positioning and displays in categories.

  • Appropriate pricing to accurately position the brand in its categories compared to competitors.

  • Continuous promotional activities to build incrermental sales and maintain and/or build market position.


Pietersz strives to offer a complete range of products and solutions to the foodservice segment by:

  • Guaranteeing consistent product quality and standards

  • Offering reliable and flexible deliveries.

  • Providing menu support services to spice up the table.

  • Offering operational support helping customers reduce costs, provide training, and build traffic.

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Tel: 1+5999-868-2036| Fax:+5999-868-2519

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